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A graduate of University College Falmouth's prestigious school of photography, Tom Harrison works across a variety of disciplines including editorial portraiture, illustrative digital composition and carefully wrought studio photography.

Experienced in a wide range of camera formats, Tom also possess an extensive digital skill set and is an accredited Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop. His work has been heavily influenced by progressive digital artists and the output of the creative retouching house Saddington & Baynes. However, a newly found interest in the convergence of new and old photographic technologies has seen his recent work attempt to fuse together the past with the present.

As a photographer working predominantly with digital camera systems, Tom is motivated by an overwhelming desire to produce a beautiful, physical object as the end result of any computer assisted efforts. He finds the prospect of using a myriad of techniques, both modern and traditional, to achieve this aim incredibly exciting. And, whilst many of these processes are highly experimental in nature, he feels that their mastery will endow his final prints with a level of craftsmanship that is often missing in our age of mass production.

By combining the power of digital capture and manipulation, with the archival nature, character and exceptional tonal qualities of traditional processes, Tom hopes to preserve the perishable beauty of his subjects.

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